Fui-Cha was founded by Jason Huang in1986. Our company is dedicated in Liquid Silicone Rubber injection Machine, we kept the attentiveness and innovative from our spirit. We has abundant experience, we can meet various requirements from different types of customers.

While Global Green Energy industry which has been valued gradually, we keep develop our advance automotive production system machine, which can match with horizontal Machine.

Also our LSR Equipment extends to Green Energy, we create LED Packaging Machine, which can reduce Carbon pollution and Save energy. Sincerely, we hope to create the Global Green Business.

Why use LIM Machine
Liquid silicone (LSR) has many advantages, it is able to withstand temperature -40°C ~ 250°C, and is weather resistant, acid and alkali resistant, odorless, tasteless, hypoallergenic and high insulation and good biocompatibility, suitable for producing and be used in a sterile environment. Liquid silicone (LSR) also provides antifatigue and high stretch ability strength, low compression set, and high thermal stability. Therefore, liquid silicone (LSR) can be used in any situation requiring special durability, such as automotive parts, baby products, medical products, diving and sports equipment, sealing and kitchen utensils.