LSR Dosing Machine


LSR Dosing
 System Equipment


The ACQU- Liquid Silicone Rubber injection moulding system is adopted the ACQU- LSR as raw material and divided into A&B rubber and controlled 1:1 ratio by fixed volumetric device, the dyeing material & additives beaded at this stage and mixed completely due to the static mixed, thus the mixed material will be pumed to injection moulding m/c and pass through injection cyl, and injection moulding product finished, such as: submersed swimming-wares, nipple, oxygen mask etc.. need visible-penetrated products, which solely from L.S.R material.

液態矽膠射出示意圖 Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Schematic Diagram

LSR Dosing System


供料系統規格 Specifications for LSR Material Dosing System

型式 Model

5 Gal (20L)

50 Gal (200L)

使用空氣壓力 Air pressure

2.5~6.5 bar

2.5~6.5 bar

動力 Power

2HP*4P30 50/60Hz

2HP*4P30 50/60Hz

最大工作壓力 Max. working vol.

300 bar

300 bar

最大出料量 Max. unloading vol.

400 cm3. /sec. (A+B)

400 cm3. /sec. (A+B)

設備尺寸 Unit size

850*1050 mm

1450*1200 mm

最小高度 Min. height

1500 mm

2150 mm