LSR mold

LSR Injection Mold


Focus on tool life

FUICHA specialized in medical device manufacturing tools and research of all kinds of high precision, complicated, strictly required plastics and LSR tools.
After years of development and experience accumulation, FUICHA has advanced tool manufacturing and research management experience. We have first-class technology team to offer customer excellent and highly effective service .

Tool designing

The designers are using many advanced software to design tool structure, which extremely according to customers’ drawing and their own experience. They can provide customers the most reasonable and most optimized tool structure after continuous discussion and improvement. And this ensures tool making and goes into production can be proceeded.

Tool Making

Tool making has a closely relationship with the equipment, FUICHA is focus on using world class equipment to make high precision Medical Device tools. Not only plastic and LSR tools, but also 2K shots tools, the 5u precision always can be achieved.

Tool Maintenance

It’s very important for a tool to have a detailed maintenance plan to make sure it has a long life cycle. FUICHA has professional tool maintenance team, they take responsibility for making detailed maintenance plan for the in production tool. This can make the production process going smoothly.