Fui-Cha was founded by Jason Huang in1986. Our company is dedicated in Liquid Silicone Rubber injection Machine, we kept the attentiveness and innovative from our spirit. We has abundant experience, we can meet various requirements from different types of customers.

While Global Green Energy industry which has been valued gradually, we keep develop our advance automatic production system machine, which can match with LSR horizontal injection moulding Machine.

Also our LSR Equipment extends to Green Energy, we create LED Packaging Machine, which can reduce Carbon pollution and Save energy. Sincerely, we hope to create the Global Green Business.

Revolutionary automation Liquid Silicone Rubber Production System
That is manufacturing precision equipment with high performance for infant wares, medical-apparatus, keyboard, sealings, electronic component& leisure-waresect., Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) products.
The automation liquid silicone rubber (LSR) injection moulding machine being with much more character such as low vocosity and maintain sofcness even under -60 low temp which also bears 250 high-temperature in short time,since that is being with much kind hardness and very suitable for making infant-wares,medical-apparatus,keyboard,sealing,electric component & leisure-waresect., silicone rubber products.
Due to medical treatment &high-scientic-tech.field have developed vigorously,so that,the used volume of acqu-silicone rubber as accord marketing investigation is 2000 ton/yr.in local and annual growth up to 10%,which being with marketing potential & development.

FUI CHA company has overcame many tech. Journal and adopted horizontal injection moulding to replace the hot pressing forming,the material cyl.of injection moulding m/c is adopted springed close mozzlg & specialenclosed screw & cooling water circulated externally for making acqu-silicone injection products,greatly,reduced processing time & forming flow process,save processing cost & after-processing which can be reach forming once,non-waste & automatable etc,qdvantages,advance production effect greatty.